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Re: xserver-testing issues.

On Sat, 11 Dec 2010 14:24:18 +0700, Sthu Deus wrote:


> 1. How I can configure my keyboard now? 


Keyboard in testing is now configured in "/etc/default/keyboard" file.

> 2. My PC has stopped using on-board sound card and now prefers to use
> PC-speaker. 


You can use the tweak of "~/.asoundrc" to select the preferred sound card:

> 3. I had distorted in most 3D-games, but working in few of them and
> anther 3d-apps - 3D support, now it is gone. Relevent string in Xorg log
> I see is this:


First, I would try with no "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" file and let xorg to set 
the card automatically. 

Do ATI cards need a firmaware to load 3D extensions? Are you using a 
stock kernel or a custom or backports one?


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