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Re: [Semi-OT] Cropping a letterbox MPEG-2 file is easy enough...

On 12/11/2010 05:03 AM, Ron Johnson wrote:

But how do I save the output?

After reading the mplayer and ffmpeg man page and Googling, these are
the three methods I tried, but none of them work.

$ mplayer foo.mpeg -vf crop=720:352:0:64 \
-dumpstream -dumpfile bar.mpeg

$ mplayer foo.mpeg -vf crop=720:352:0:64 -o bar.mpeg

$ mencoder foo.mpeg -vf crop=720:352:0:64 \
-ovc copy -oac copy -o bar.mpeg

$ ffmpeg -i foo.mpeg -vf crop=720:352:0:64 \
-vcodec copy -acodec copy bar.mpeg


(Yes, Handbrake makes the job trivial, but no, I don't want to transcode
the file, just "crop and save". Disk is cheap and I want to retain DVD

I think it is:
ffmpeg -i in.mpeg -croptop 10 -cropbottom 20 -cropleft 30 -cropright 40 out.mpeg

Numbers are in pixels.

I tried with .avi 320x216 and I got 250x186

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