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using jigdo or/and rsync to keep images freshen.

Hi all,
I had been trying (unsuccessfully though) to use jigdo. Here's what I
have been trying/wanting to do.

>From what I know Debian released Squeeze 6.0 b2 about 3-4 days  (on
6th IIRC). Now I know that debian also has a weekly build which is
built every week which has all the updates as well has the latest
updates to the debian-installer (specifically the graphical installer)
. What I want to do is keep the image current to whatever would be the
weekly build.

There are 4 ways in which this can be achieved.

a. Do the straight download through the server using a download
manager/wget whatever.
b. Do a torrent download every week.

Both the above ideas aren't bandwidth efficient as I would have to
download say in 2 weeks something like 1.2 GB even if I'm thinking
about having a CD downloaded.

Also IIRC on many of these images, there is no resume available and
hence would have to download from start.

So two ways remain .

1. jigdo
2. rsync

>From what little I know the idea behind both of these is that it will
download only the diff between the files. Instead of downloading 600
MB to 4.4 GB again, one might save 60-70% in bandwidth (supposedly)
using either of these ways.

I tried jigdo but it didn't work for me. It was downloading files and
after an hour or more of downloading files I did a CTRL+C or something
like that to know if it can resume from there. It said something about
merging and when I did again it started right from the beginning . I
did read a mini howto online but that didn't help. There are two
things which I didn't like specifically.

While it is verbose, it isn't verbose as in how much (in percentage
and time estimation) about how much time it will take to do the whole
thing first time.

One way I see out of this is to download the file first through a
torrent, then put the same file using jigdo and then next week when a
new jigdo file comes work through that, is my logic sound ?

Also I do know that jigdo is in maintenance mode so don't see any
possibility of a GUIfied version of it.

rsync, have really no idea.

So ideas, ways please. I want to be able to in a place where I can use
the new images as well as help out friends in case they need Debian
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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