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Re: USB soundbar as default audio device

Chris Jones wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 06, 2010 at 12:15:33PM EST, deloptes wrote:
>> Chris Jones wrote:
>> > I am trying to set up a USB sound bar on someone else's laptop running
>> > ubuntu 10.10 with a gnome desktop.
>> what is this sound bar? something to eat :-)?
> No, a place where they charge the patrons for listening :-)
> [..]

deloptes wrote

I wanted to know if it is a webcam or something else


Not sure if I am understanding your question, but a sound bar is a small bar shaped speaker usually designed to mount below the monitor.

It's a cheap pair of speakers, SoundBar is marketing catch phrases at work for you...

Essentially cheap speakers that mount on the computers monitor 

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