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Re: KVM-networking (under normal user).

Thank You for Your time and answer, Pascal:

> Sorry but I don't understand what you mean and want to achieve.
> I guess that eth0 and tap0 are the interfaces which are supposed to be
> bridged in br0, and the virtual machine is supposed to use tap0 ?

Well. I'll try to explain my best - as I do not understand whole the
technology how all it works - in the previous times when I used KVM -
there was just single interface - eth0. Since then it ceased to work for
while I have find a solution that brought network support for KVM again
- but through br0 and under a normal user - that is just amazing to me.
  I have read that br0 - is a special dedicated some way thing, etc -
  that's wonderful - as long as it works - for me. But, I have 2 more
  interfaces (shown to me w/ the help of ifconfig) started along the
  way I ifup br0: tap0 and eth0.

So, my question is if I may make it cease starting w/ the br0 interface
- unless w/o it whole the network support for KWM stops working.

If it is still not understandable - please let me know - I will try to
rephrase, or, better, give me a question.

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