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Re: no x windows part2

In <[🔎] AANLkTi=yHepmC5Gv_=-1o3J7ypzp_RWK1kGf_-1AuC0O@mail.gmail.com>, shawn 
wilson wrote:
>so, i'm installing dependencies for drupal on this debian box. it wants
>php5-gd which has some x windows dependencies.

It depends on libx11-6.  I guess gd.so needs some symbols from that library.

This might be needed for converting to/from some X11-specific image formats.  
Alternatively, it might be needlessly pulled in based on over-zealous linking.  
Lintian does check for some of that, you might check the PTS for any known 
issues for php5-gd.

>so, why is it necessary to have the x windows server to convert images?

libx11-6 does not contain nor depend on an X11 server.  It is the client 
libraries, which allow an X11 client program to communicate with an X11 
server, if needed.

There's a massive difference from being able to connect to an X11 server as a 
client and requiring a running X11 server to function.
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