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Re: Automount without desktop

On 12/05/2010 06:32 PM, Joel Roth wrote:
Hi all,

I'm finding all the repetitive mount/unmount operations
I do to be somewhat tedious.

Can I get some reasonable automount functionality without
installing a heavy-weight desktop? I currently use only
light stuff: stumpwm or fvwm.

I imagine I could write scripts to do it myself, but
it seems impossible that someone else could not have
done it before.

As I write, I'm thinking of something simpleminded, like
creating UUID fstab entries for each device, and having a
cron job 'mount -a' everyone every 10 second or so.

Let me know!



Can't you put your devices in fstab and have them automount?
I think most of the Linuxes (except PCLINUXOS--BOO, HISS)
still use an fstab that's written in English.


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