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Re: Google Earth error?

Thierry Chatelet <tchatelet@free.fr> wrote,
> aptitude install lib32nss-mdns lsb

Thank you! That solved half the problem.

lib32nss-mdns is not availble in Sid. Is there a misspelling? I did a
few searches for variations, but didn't see anything.

lsb did install, and googleearth did launch and give me the splash
scree, but then objected to being run with the neoveau driver, and
then crashed.

$ googleearth
Google Earth has caught signal 11.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Google Earth has crashed.
 This is a bug in the program, and should never happen under normal
 circumstances. A bug report and debugging data have been written
 to this text file:


Please include this file if you submit a bug report to Google.

That crash report is simply a list of libraries, "Strace from glibc:"
that I figure are not interesting to anyone on Debian-User.

I will try installing the nvidia driver and post my results.


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