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Re: Application problems associated with missing libGLcore.so.1 file

Hi Camaleón

Thanks for your response.

On 04/12/10 11:26, Camaleón wrote:

I couldn't find anything under an apt-cache search, so searched it on
the Debian website and found a number of nvidia-related packages that
contain this library file.  All good.
Yep... I've got "nvidia" driver installed.

sm01@stt008:~$ dpkg -S libGLcore.so.1
nvidia-glx: /usr/lib/libGLcore.so.173.14.09
nvidia-glx: /usr/lib/libGLcore.so.1

Let me check:

sm01@stt008:~$ dpkg -l | grep nvidia
ii  nvidia-glx   173.14.09-5   NVIDIA binary Xorg driver
ii  nvidia-kernel-2.6.26-2-amd64  173.14.09+3+lenny1   NVIDIA binary kernel module for Linux 2.6.26
ii  nvidia-kernel-common    20080825+1  NVIDIA binary kernel module common files

But I have installed those just because my VGA card is nvidia-based.

As is my card. I have tended to go for the proprietary drivers from nVidia directly, & I wonder if somewhere along the line I pulled down the Debian libraries as part of an update? This is certainly consistent with what I have found out from further research.

Anyway, the fix was to rerun the nvidia installer script after purging anything to do with nVidia via #aptitude purge ~i~nnvidia

This seems to have done the job & the error was mine: I mixed installation methods somehow without realising it. Mea culpa :-(

Thanks for your assistance though.



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