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Re: Strange problem with DNS resolving on Squeeze

On Fri, 03 Dec 2010 21:00:49 +0000, Andrew Wood wrote:

> Im experiencing strange DNS resolution problems with a Squeeze desktop
> system on our simple LAN which has an internal DNS server for local
> hosts, and which also proxies DNS requests for  public IP addresses
> needed by internal clients.


> There doesnt seem to be any logic to this. Its as if the host command
> can query the DNS no problem but applications like Firefox and the SSH
> client cant for some domain names, yet they can for others.
> Our DNS server is running Windows Server 2003.
> Im totally perplexed by this. Anyone got any ideas?

For local domains, I agree with Pascal. Avoid using ".local" because it 
can conflict/interfere with avahi-zeroconf:


For remote domains, just try using another DNS servers (OpenDNS ones or 
Google's) and see what happens. If you can browse the web, you'll have to 
check your local DNS server logs to see what is happening with the 
requests coming from your Squeeze box.



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