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Re: acroread trouble on Sqeeze

On Fri, 03 Dec 2010 03:26:01 -0600, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:

> In <[🔎] pan.2010.>, Camaleón wrote:

>>We (at linux side) still lack a 1:1 full-featured PDF solution that can
>>be considered a complete replacement for Acrobat Reader (the same it
>>happens with Adobe Flash Player). Sad but true.
> Feel ISO PDF support is one of the High-Priority Free Software projects
> that the FSF has added to their list.  That said, I've never found a PDF
> that Okular wouldn't handle for me.  I don't have to deal with complex
> PDFs often though, and full ISO support would be *really* nice.

You mean this?


I don't know what is still missing in FLOSS PDF readers for fulfilling 
the ISO standard (not sure if 3D funcionalities, for instance, fit in 
there :-?).
> I've not had Acrobat Reader installed on my Linux systems for years. 
> (Prior or Okular, I used KPDF.  It was decidedly lower quality, though.)

Me neither (just installed recently in my VM for testing purposes). In my 
linux boxes I use Evince.

But when we (at the office) have to deal with an oficial/legal PDF (which 
adds form validation and interactive fields) they pursuade me to do it 
under Acrobat in a Windows machine (to avoid any problem with the data, I 
guess) :-(



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