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Re: several debian installer questions

On Ma, 30 nov 10, 14:53:14, Urs Thuermann wrote:
> I have a couple of questions concerning the debian installer (from the
> testing distribution):
> 1. When downloading the iso image which I combine with boot.img.gz to
>    get an image for an USB stick, I have to choose the Debian release
>    (i.e. stable or testing) and the architecture I want to install on.
>    I would like if I could use the same installer to install different
>    releases and for different architectures.  I.e. I'd like to be to
>    choose between stable and testing and between i386 and amd64 using
>    the same installer instead of having 4 different installers on 4
>    separate USB sticks.  Is that possible or planned?

Yes, there is a multiarch CD image that you could use.

> 2. Is it possible to install the debian installer onto a Debian live
>    system, i.e. call the installer from a running live system?

AFAIK you can include D-I on a live image and use it to boot the 
installer, and there are also plans to do the installation from a 
running live system, but don't know if it's already usable.

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