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Re: Seeking advice and documentation on non-standard software RAID1 setup

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Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On Ma, 30 nov 10, 15:39:15, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
>>> 1. Is this setup possible and/or feasible?
>> Probably yes, though I have never tried this. This would mean that your
>> disks ie. the raid has to be rebuild each time you reconnect the disks.
>> From my experience this is a rather time consuming.
> Are we talking minutes or hours? The current plan is to use the fastest 
> 16GB SD card I can find.

Last time I used this it took many hours on an 200GB file system on an
'ordinary' hard disk.

> That was my thinking. Can unison be used for the entire system (not just 
> some files under my /home)?
> ,----
> | Unison is a user-level program: there is no need to modify the kernel or 
> | to have superuser privileges on either host.
> `----
> This seems to imply it can't.

I have never done this; I use rsync for '/' backups. I read 'no need' as
'you can use it as an ordinary user' and not as 'you cannot use it as
root'. It should be straightforward to try. ;-)

I've been using both unison and rsync for years now for synchronisation
and backup, respectively. I really like unison for keeping my laptop in
sync with my workstation. I don't have to worry, if both sets are
changed between synchronisations and unison works fast and reliable.

My 2ct.

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