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Re: Seeking advice and documentation on non-standard software RAID1 setup

On Ma, 30 nov 10, 23:18:52, deloptes wrote:
> My advice is to use the SD card only for the $HOME dir.

That still doesn't solve the "problem" of running Debian on the work 
computer ;)

>                                                      A good idea is to
> use ecryption.
> IO is slower on SD as someone mentioned before, so take some MMS card
> probably with faster IO ... the problem is most have faster read than
> write.
> The second thing is ... how often do you use the CD&DVD drive in your
> notebook. Buy a second hd tray and a second disk and do a real raid on
> those disks. 

The notebooks are a Thinkpad and a HP. AFAIK the trays are incompatible.

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