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Re: gnome Microphone

On Wed, 01 Dec 2010 14:58:37 +0800, Bob wrote:

> Hi I'm trying to get the inbuilt mic on my USB webcam to be the default
> mike so it works in pidgin, empathy, sound recorder & other
> applications.
> This is easy with ekiga as it lets you select the desired mic but most
> other software doesn't.
> I've done some googleing and most posts either lay out some complicated
> option using alsa config files or suggest that it's possible by
> selecting it in some way in Volume Control, I can't get the latter to
> work & haven't tried the former as I've never had much luck getting alsa
> to do what I want. See my Oct 2007 thread "Simultaneous AC3/DTS
> passthrough & stereo analog output"
> Am I missing something?  It can't be that unusual a request but I can't
> find an easy solution.

Maybe your best chance is by editing your "~/.asoundrc" file.

You can use these samples as start point:




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