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Re: Lenny upgraded to Squeeze

Bob Proulx wrote:
Jimmy Johnson wrote:
... then changed my sources to Squeeze, so I did aptitude update and
aptitude full-upgrade and basically I just let aptitude do it's

Note that the recommend package management tool for the upgrade is


  "The recommended way to upgrade from previous Debian GNU/Linux
  releases is to use the package management tool apt-get. In previous
  releases, aptitude was recommended for this purpose, but recent
  versions of apt-get provide equivalent functionality and also have
  shown to more consistently give the desired upgrade results."

Also the recommendation is to do an 'apt-get upgrade' before doing an
'apt-get dist-upgrade'.


  "In some cases, doing the full upgrade (as described below) directly
  might remove large numbers of packages that you will want to
  keep. We therefore recommend a two-part upgrade process, first a
  minimal upgrade to overcome these conflicts, then a full upgrade
  ... This has the effect of upgrading those packages which can be
  upgraded without requiring any other packages to be removed or

That will enable upgrades of packages that can be upgraded without
doing any package removals.  It avoids the problem space for
dependency management since the package list can't change.  Then after
the majority of packages have been installed the 'dist-upgrade' can
add and remove packages to create a new package list solution.

I had 'kde-standard' installed and it was upgraded, so I did not have any problem with using aptitude.

Make sure you upgrade the kernel before doing the udev upgrade.
Otherwise you may have an unbootable system and need to recover
manually using rescue media.

The kernel was upgraded as I noted and I did make sure it was bootable before the reboot.


one problem was aptitude wanted to restart a list of services and
one of them was kdm, so do yourself a favor and remove kdm from the
list to restart or you will have a mess with x going while
underneath x where you can't see aptitude will still be doing it's
thing and you will not be able to get back to see what aptitude is

You can switch back to the console with Alt-F1.


  "If you are running the upgrade using the system's local console you
  might find that at some points during the upgrade the console is
  shifted over to a different view and you lose visibility of the
  upgrade process. For example, this will happen in desktop systems
  when gdm is restarted.

  To recover the console where the upgrade was running you will have to
  use Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch back to the virtual terminal 1 if in the
  graphical startup screen or use Alt+F1 if in the local text-mode
  console. Replace F1 with the function key with the same number of the
  virtual terminal the upgrade was running in. You can also use Alt+Left
  Arrow or Alt+Left Arrow to switch between the different text-mode

Good to know, thanks! Using Ctrl+Alt+F1 put me in a "new shell" and that's where I got screwed, because aptitude was still running in the other shell, but I was able to recover and complete the upgrade, if kdm had not started there would have been no problem at all.

After the full-upgrade there where somethings I wanted to check so I
did aptitude search linux-image to make sure I had the squeeze
kernel installed and it was but grub was not configured to use the
new kernel so I ran grub-update, if you have grub installed to the
MBR that's about all you need to know and good luck if you decide to
do the upgrade.

I don't see information about the grub2 switch in the release notes.
That would be something that should be in there.  Good catch.


Thanks for the notes. Like most Alpha Males I discard the manual and learn the hard way. :-)
Jimmy Johnson

Debian Lenny upgraded to Squeeze - KDE 4.4.5 at sda9
Registered Linux User #380263

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