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Re: VLC player doesn't playback correctly

Dne, 28. 11. 2010 00:13:31 je tv.debian@googlemail.com napisal(a):

[mild rant mode]
Sure it would be awesome to work only with Debian proper, but due to
dfsg and probably other legal concerns several packages will never be
part of the distribution, or only limited versions. d-m is pretty much
playing the same role that rpm-fusion is playing for Fedora or medibuntu for ubuntu, and in both cases those external repositories are essential to work with multimedia when you can't have total control over the files you are working on. Sure you can do without, and recompile from sources what you need with the proper flags/codecs, but what good it is compared
to getting it from an apt repository, where versions are upgraded
regularly ?[/mild rant mode]

Thumbs up for Christian Marillat. Let's not forget the meaning of the word gratitude.


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