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Re: switching between amd64 + i386

Camaleón wrote:
On Thu, 25 Nov 2010 08:41:38 -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Since I have a new amd64 mobo, M4N98TD EVO, I am about to do an amd64

Up to now I have run from partitions that were 1386.

And a question: how does switch between an amd64 and an i386 partition

You mean "/" (root)? They are independent. It's like installing a second OS.
Now I am running i386 and grub i386. But when I want to boot the amd64
partition, whose grub is used? Or does the MBR automagically pull the
right grub in?

You can install two GRUBs (inside the first sector of each boot partition) and mark the default one with the bootable flag. I prefer avoiding installing GRUB in the MBR and let each installation has its own GRUB code, that way there are less chances for problems and if one GRUB gets flawed, you have the other one to boot from.

Aha! I now install GRUB in the MBR. So you say it is better to install each grub in its own partition? But when you boot up, which GRUB displays the menu? Say I install squeeze amd64 in partition sdb3 does the installer offer me a choice to install grub within the partition?


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