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Re: Debian (2.6.35) on Mac Mini (late-2010)

On Tue, 23 Nov 2010 05:35:27 -0800, w f wrote:

> So ... I downloaded the installed from that wiki site, successfully (I
> believe) installed the OS (confirmed latest firmware, reformatted MBR,
> chose the "-mac-mini" kernel, installed GRUB on MBR) but on reboot, I'm
> faced with the blinking folder icon. The wiki page states that it's
> normal to get the blinking folder icon for a few (15) seconds, then GRUB
> should seize control and all would be right. Well - I've been staring at
> a blinking folder icon for the past half hour; GRUB ain't gonna do
> nuthin' at this point.
> Anyone have a clue what I might try next? Thanks!

Know nothing about Mac-Intel devices but it could be that GRUB was not 
properly installed and the system cannot boot.

Have you tried with SuperGrubDisk? Maybe you can boot your system from 
there and once you're in, you can check the status of the GRUB 
installation :-?



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