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Re: waiting for meter-svc.nytimes.com

James R. Liebert wrote:
Using Ubuntu Linux 10.10 and Firefox 3.6.12, I persistently am hanging up at meter-svc.nytimes.com*. It is not merely a few seconds, but 75-100. I have heard from the website customer service department of NYT, who advise that the browser cache must be cleared, because NYT pages incessantly are revised. Since receiving this advice I have cleared the browser cache consistently before and after each session, to no avail.

My machine is dual-boot, Windows 2000 Pro and Firefox 3.6.12, which uses the same profile as the Linux installation of Firefox. I experience no such hang-up at meter-svc.nytimes.com* within Windows.

I am a heavy user of NYT. I suspect they are preparing a metered use dossier in support of fees they will impose early in 2011, but do not understand why I am not hanging up at the same toll booth in Windows.

Interesting. Thanks.


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