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Iceowl-l10n-*: no more translations?


I would like to install a localized version (Spanish) of iceowl extension 
(calendar extension for Icedove) in testing and have been waiting for 
long time -and carefully watching- this bug:

Localization support for iceowl-extension request

Now I see no more translation will be available:

RM: iceowl-l10n -- RoQA; Orphaned; doesn't work; fix unknown; (mostly) 
low popcon

By reading the bug report I still fail to see what it is required.

I downloaded upstream Lightning 1.0b1 (which is fully localized into 
Spanish -and many other languages-) and seems to be working fine along 
with Icedove. But I had to disable "iceowl-extension" and I would prefer 
to stick to Debian packages.

Shouldn't be "iceowl-extension" package itself rebuilt completely so it 
can make use of embedded language support? :-?



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