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Re: A question for the list:

Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> ZephyrQ put forth on 11/4/2010 9:50 PM:
>> If you could not/did not use Debian (either Lenny, Squeeze, or Sid),
>> which other distribution would you use and why?
> What situation are you in that motivates this question?

Not a specific situation, merely an exploration.

I've been using Debian stable for years.  I've tried Ubuntu (in the
early years) and Mint.  Before Debian I used SuSE.

Lately, though, Debian seems 'stale'.  I know that Squeeze is coming up
the pipe fairly soon; but I'm in process of moving my office and
upgrading equipment and am taking opportunity to see what others like
besides Debian.  I may try out another flavor.

I realize that Debian's 'stableness' contributes to its 'staleness', and
I like/need that stability as I do a lot of work from home.  But I also
want to try out some software that is often not supported yet in stable
(dependencies, usually) and I don't have time (middle-aged teacher...)
to track down fixes/kludges/etc.  So I'm looking for a good balance
between stability and usability while staying up to date (sort of).

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