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Re: networkmanager blocking evolution

Johan Scheepers wrote:
> Standalone laptop using debian squeeze freeze on a dsl modem
> connected by cable.
> All my internet applications work but evolution send/receive greyed out.

This is another one of those annoying bugs related to network-manager.
Evolution online/offline with n-m only works if network-manager
controls *all* network devices.  If there is an active network device
not controlled by n-m then it won't be known and will be marked as
offline to Evolution.

If you don't need network-manager, and if you are suffering from the
problem of n-m not managing your network devices then it would seem
that you would not need it, then you can restore Evolution's online
capability by removing the network-manager package.  Then Evolution
won't think it is permanently offline.

A number of bugs have been filed on this topic and most of them merged
into this one:



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