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Squeeze corruption..can't get to display login or install pkgs

Squeeze unstable/testing
Kernel is latest as of Oct10, 2010

Because of slow performance and crashes, removed many Squeeze pkgs in an effort to revert to Lenny. Original encrypted install of Lenny later updated with unstable and testing pkgsof Squeeze and Sid. I am able to login to mount encrypted partitions and get to command line but can't get to display login. Lost GDM and XDM.  On reboot lost the ability to access sources.list with either aptitude or apt from terminal, thus unable to d/l and install needed pkgs. Have tried Nano and Pico to edit sources.list but ng. Gedit is not installed. Have tried dozens of commands but no access to packages..apt-cdrom won't scan CD's. 
Any way of salvaging hd contents?

note: 20 months w/deb distros but skill level at ~25%.


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