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Re: XFS and Power Failures

On Thu, 21 Oct 2010, godo <goran@dobosevic.com> writes:
> On 10/21/2010 12:04 PM, Volkan YAZICI wrote:
>> Another scenario, same failure. I have a squeeze installed notebook and
>> having troubles with X. It crashes for some driver specific reasons and
>> I need to hard-reset the notebook. 1-2 times I found WindowMaker missing
>> its workspaces, and I didn't have time to inspect the problem. Now I
>> lost all of my Opera bookmarks (~500 collected in years). Thanks XFS,
>> but no, you're not power-failure. (BTW, I "kill -9"ed Opera many times,
>> and it restored all of its settings properly. I don't think it is an
>> Opera or WindowMaker related bug.)
> do you have ~/.opera/bookmarks.adr and if yes is it empty?

Yes, and yes, it is empty.


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