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Re: iceape locks up on some web sites

On Fri, 15 Oct 2010 17:22 -0400 Thomas H. George wrote:
> This is an occasional problem.  For most web sites iceape works
> perfectly.
> To identify the source of the problem I started iceape from a terminal
> window and found failure to pre-load libaoss.so is part of the
> problem.
> alsa-oss is installed and I re-installed it just to be sure.

I'm also puzzled about this phenomenon, which started a few months ago.
Same problem with Google Chrome. I do not get these error messages, so
it has probably nothing to do with them.

Iceape seems to be able to load just a limited number of images. E.g.
if I open www.youtube.com, all images may load at first, but after
doing a search, the web site still gets locked up.

After this, the same site can't be opened with any other browser either,
for a couple of minutes. So it's the site that hangs, not the browser.

If I try Seamonkey in Windows XP in VirtualBox, then the site does not
get completely locked up, but it does slow down.

I am under the impression that adjusting some setting under
'about:config' might help, but I have no idea which one.

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