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Re: libnss-ldap udev problem

Finally I found  that udev needs (in some cases) to resolve its own
hostname (I haven't set the hostname on /etc/hosts).

Putting the hostname in /etc/hosts with this nsswitch.conf configuration
works for the other two hosts. (Despite one of them can boot without
this setup).

10 de 10 de 2010 a les 23:59 +0200, Marc Franquesa wrote:

> I have the same problem described in the Bug 375077, despite this bug
> appears as fixed in 251-4 version, my hosts running Debian Lenny show
> the same behavior reported in it. Four hosts with Lenny installed (and
> different architectures: i386, arm and mips) have this exact same issue:
> udev hangs indefinitely when using libnss-ldap. No timeouts, no error
> messages, ... nothing, I can press Ctrl+C and the boot process continue.
> If I configure nsswitch to use only local files, udev boots correctly.
> I am using libnss-ldap, and my /etc/nsswitch.conf is this:
> passwd:         files ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> group:          files ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> shadow:         files ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> hosts:          files dns ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> networks:       files ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> protocols:      db files ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> services:       db files ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> ethers:         db files
> rpc:            db files ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> automount:      files ldap [UNAVAIL=return]
> And libnss-ldap is configured with bind_policy soft.
> I have detected that some udev-rules search for groups not
> in /etc/groups (like nvram or fuse) I added them to local files, but reading the bug report (IMHO),
> bind_policy soft would be enough to exit immediately if network nor LDAP
> is available and udev would boot normaly. Currently all of my Debian
> Lenny hosts show this same problem during boot, udev hangs without any error message.
> The most strange is that I've create the nvram group in all 4 hosts and in one of them udev boots
> normally now, but other three shows the same problem: udev hangs if nsswitch is configured to seek libnss-ldap.
> I don't like to reopen again the old bug before comenting it in the list and
> probably this is a misconfiguration or libnss-ldap installation problem.
> Can someone provide some clues? 
> Thank you
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> Marc Franquesa
> Lady 3Jane http://www.l3jane.net/
> Warbaby

Marc Franquesa
Lady 3Jane http://www.l3jane.net/

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