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Re: Network bridge between two wi-fi cards

BTW: If normal bridging doesn't work over wifi, I suppose the easiest
way to share my internet connectivity (client-only sense) is to use NAT
(correct me if I'm wrong).

So which method should I use? NAT or bridging (using ARP proxy)?

On 10/14/10 11:31, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> In <[🔎] 4CB6FA7E.1040502@dornea.nu>, Victor Dorneanu wrote:
>> I'd like to create a bridge between 2 WLAN cards. The first one is
>> connected to the Internet via wpa_supplicant, the second one should act
>> as an AP. Both cards work in* promiscuous mode.
>> Is this possible?
> Mo.  "Bridging" generally refers to 802.1d or 802.1h, which are supported well 
> under 802.3 (Ethernet) but were not included in the current 802.11 ("Wi-Fi") 
> standard.
> Best to route the traffic at the IP layer.  You may be able to do layer 2 
> bridging using an ARP proxy.

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