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case fan control

I have a small atom based stream server with 5.0.3. Version depends on
stable version of squeezeserver, for which it was built. Mini-itx mobo
was put inside small case with no-control case fan. I removed that fan
and put another one with conector to mobo 3 pin adapter. As node works
pretty fine to the task, I do not bother too much for the noise of the
fan. I'm sure it has slower and faster move, but it is loud anyway. I
cannot get it to run using acpi, like "sysctl" control on my bsd box.
Bios is not of help. Searching I found zillions of reviews and posts,
none for this issue. Could someone point me to the manual for adequate
command or technique?
I am sure this mobo supports acpi, so this is the way I see as proper.
I will post more info if needed. Best regards


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