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Re: Debian Live Problem: No binary.img

On Wed, Oct 06, 2010 at 09:18:22PM -0400, Thomas H. George wrote:
> I followed the steps in the Debian Live manual Section 4.3: Building an
> USB/HDD image.  The lb build command appeared to end successfully but
> there was no binary.img file.  A file binary.packages was created.
> Could this just be a name change?
> Tom

Update: Decided to try building an iso so entered the following commands

	lb clean
	lb config
	lb build

This completed successfully but produced a binary.img rather than a
binary.iso.  Tried

	qemu -hda binary.img

but this locked up the computer, even Alt-SysRq-b had no effect.  Had to

Tried putting the image on a 4Gb USB stick and this worked, I was able to
boot Debian Live from the memory stick.  The system is limited as the
transfer created a 162Mb partition and the transferred image occupies
97% of the partition.


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