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Re: Fwd: Canon Support Centre - Ref # 00066023

Actually what I see is a (probably untrained in Linux) customer service rep
apologizing to you for the issue you are having, and then pointing you to the
Linux driver.  I suspect English is not the service rep's native language
and the service rep is using a script to respond to the inquiry.

Clearly Canon supplies Linux drivers, so they intended the printer to be used
with Linux.  This is probably a by-product of supporting Mac OS X.

I would ask to have the issue escalated to the next level technician as the
marketing materials on Canon's web site state it works with:

"Windows 2000/Server 2003 32bit/64bit and 
Mac OS 10.3.9 - or later (download); Linux, Citrix, Metaframe "

Should they persist in claiming no support, ask them how you will be receiving
a refund for your printer as it does not work as advertised.

Good luck.


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