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Re: Central configuration storage

Hi, Nick:

On Wednesday 06 October 2010 11:56:48 Nick Douma wrote:
> Hi,
> > I tested puppet coupled with a version management system (git for me).
> > Seems pretty good for linux servers only. I don't know for windows
> > servers.
> I seem to notice that about puppet now too, after reading part of the
> docs. The windows support is not yet mature (or present). For my
> project, windows support is needed though.

As I already told, your best bet is managing Windows on its own.  Have a look 
at System Center Configuration Manager 

You might find it cumbersome, expensive, hardware intensive and unable to 
integrate with anything else but itself but it's the way to go.

Surely whoever took the decision of going Microsoft took that into account 
when calculating its ROI, didn't he?


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