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opensync-0.22 packages for Debian squeeze, testers wanted


I finally managed to allocate some free time and started reverting
Debian squeeze to opensync-0.22.  This should make Blackberry and
Windows Mobile devices work again.

The current plan (which has not been approved by the Debian release team
yet) is to upload a 0.22 package with some additional patches to
testing-proposed-updates, followed by similar 0.22 packages for the
opensync-plugin-file and opensync-plugin-evolution packages.  All the
packages are still in unstable and can be installed from there (or from
squeeze in case they transition).

Unfortunately, the 0.22 version of the syncml plugin does not work with
modern releases of libsyncml, so opensync-plugin-syncml will have to get
dropped for squeeze (unless somebody ports it to libsyncml-0.5.4, I do
not have the time for this).

You can get the reverted packages from this repository:

deb http://people.debian.org/~mbanck/opensync-squeeze/ ./

libopensync0, python-opensync, opensync-plugin-file,

As mentioned above, you need to get all the other 0.22 plugins from
unstable for now.

I am especially interested in tester reports from Blackberry (barry) and
Windows Mobile (synce) users, as I dot not own any such device.  Any
other feedback is highly appreciated, in order to make a case to the
release time for this rather late change in release cycle.

Either follow-up to this message (but please CC me), or catch me in
#opensync on irc.freenode.net (my nick is azeem).



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