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Re: sid: yaird: -t invalid flag option in kernel image install

On 2010-10-05 08:11 +0200, Joel Roth wrote:

> This problem has been dogging me for months.
> I have a different, working kernel, but each apt-get install
> is delayed as apt-get tries to configure 
> the linux-image package.
> 	Setting up linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64 (2.6.32-15) ...
> 	Running depmod.
> 	Running /usr/sbin/mkinitrd.yaird.
> 	mkinitrd.yaird: invalid option -- 't'
> 	Terminating...
> 	/usr/sbin/mkinitrd.yaird failed to create initrd image.
> 	Failed to create initrd image.
> There is a debian bug report, #518315, that no one seems
> to be fixing. 

The yaird package appears to be unmaintained and broken.  Why are you
using it?


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