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Re: Looking for a free SMTP service that does not filter outgoing messages

On Ma, 31 aug 10, 11:53:48, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> I'll use GMX for a while, because it's easiest to integrate in my setup, 
> (the postfix part is already there, only mutt needs some work), but #2 
> could be an option as well, if it doesn't hit #402411 or #456320

JFTA: I'm posting my mutt hook, because it wasn't easy to assemble 
(sorry for the long line):

# report Debian bugs
folder-hook     debian  \
    'macro pager \er   ":set use_envelope_from\n"<bounce-message>report-listspam@lists.debian.org\n":unset use_envelope_from\n<delete-message>" "Report list spam"'

Other relevant muttrc settings:

# This needs more config in the MTA, postfix keywords: 
# sender_dependent_relayhost_maps, smtp_generic_maps
unset use_envelope_from
set use_envelope_from_address=alternate_email@example.com

# no confirmation on bounce
set bounce=yes

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