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Re: Installation issues of Debian 5.0.6 "Lenny"

El 2010-10-04 a las 21:08 +1100, David Shum escribió:

(resending to the list)

> Hi Camaleon,
> I will now try and iterate with more information.
> With regards to my attempt to install Debian 5.0.6 "Lenny", I use a boot CD
> based on ISO image downloaded from website. I then boot the CD in my BIOS in
> my Hewlett Packard dv6-3030tx (Intel i5-540M processor in Intel HM55
> chipset), I managed to get to the spash screen that enables me to choose: 1)
> Install 2) Graphical Install 3) Advanced Options and 4) forgot what the
> fourth option was....
> When I select either 1) Install or 2) Graphical Install, the installation
> process then goes to a blank screen displaying messages which, at this stage
> of my IT professional life, are too advanced for me to understand, then the
> last line says "kernel panic".

O.k. No need to undertand the error message, but you can always make a 
snapshot of the screen and upload to any online service (such 
www.picpaste.com) so people can tell you any hint.

> I would love to have provided a JPEG image screenshot of what's happening
> but don't know how to do that in pure command line mode.

A DSC camera (or the one embedded within your mobile phone) will be 
suffice ;-)

> I guess the problem lies in the "Kernel panic" message and would like to
> know what is causing it and if it is preventing me from installing Debian
> into the notebook.

There are some parameter you can pass to the kernel but without having 
the kernel panic message is hard to tell what would be worth a try.



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