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Re: Security and dual booting/running in VM Windows and Linux

Dne, 04. 10. 2010 10:39:00 je Lisi napisal(a):
I have no metrics myself against which to measure this. I have Googled, but
have found it difficult to distinguish the FUD and biased/inaccurate
information from the "real" - and reliable - information. I would be glad of
some opinions from the list.

If I set up a computer to dual boot Windows and Linux (specifically Debian
Lenny) does the fact that Windows is sharing the computer in any way
jeopardise the security of the Linux installation?

In the very least, a Windows rootkit or virus could potentially mess up your partition table, or the master boot record; but there are certainly other equally risky scenarious that other list memebers will most certainly come up with. So the answer to your question is definitely "yes".

Does it make any difference whether they are in separate partitions on the
same disk or on separate HDDs?

For the above scenario, hardly.

Would running Windows in a VM from Linux make the Linux host less secure than
dual booting, or more so?

Depends on the virtual technology used. Depends on how well is the particular virtual environment isolated from your host OS and the "bare metal" on which it is running. In this regard, I'd say that XEN is not equal to kvm (which uses a kernel driver), and kvm is, in turn, not equal to qemu (which runs entirely in userspace, IIRC).

 Would the Linux host in fact be more/less/equally
secure than/as it would be if Windows were not on the box at all?

Is this meant as a joke or as a genuine question?



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