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Re: Mirror applications on Linux Server

lrhorer wrote:
I am building an application which needs to have high reliability.
I have two essentially identical Linux servers which can host the
application.  Right now, I have the programs - a bash script and a c
binary, running on one machine every minute in a cron job.  I also
have an rsync cron job running to synchronize the files on the
standby machine so the data (and binaries, of course) will be identical.
Thanks.  I skimmed the intro, and I'm not sure heartbeat is really what
I need.  These aren't server applications that run full-time on the
machine.  They are relatively simple programs that only take a few
seconds to run, and then terminate (hopefully with a return value of
0), to be run again in 60 seconds.  I don't need the inter-machine
service to cause something to happen on the standby system if the apps
are no longer running, or at least not immediately so.  Rather, I need
the standby machine to take over if:
This might work:

1. Use DRBD to keep your disks (or specific volumes) in sync. Run it in it's standard primary-secondary mode.

2. Run the job on both machines. When it starts, have it check whether the volume is in primary or secondary mode; if in secondary mode, abort.

Of course that only works if your backup machine doesn't need to access the disk volume for other things.

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