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Re: ext3 file system

Josef Huber <josef-huber@gmx.net> wrote:
> Yes, that's quite annoying: I had a similar problem once, because of
> hibernation with lenny and xp. Later I had to find out that if you use
> only Linux-OSs, the problem occurs as well. Why there isn't any warning
> with the file system not being saved correctly - I would really like to
> know that!

What? Of course it can't work. Hibernation suspends the OS in a state
from which it can continue later. Quite correctly it doesn't unmount
filesystems, as this would close all open file descriptors on that file
system. This in turn could en up killing processes - quite possibly
including your session and maybe all system daemons. Now you're in a
state where you might as well have restarted from scratch, negating all
the advantages of suspend/hibernation.

If you want to use the same filesystem between any two OS installations
(whether Linux and Linux, or Windows and Linux, or any other combination)
you must not (and cannot) use hibernation unless you first unmount the
relevant filesystems.


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