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Re: Exim4 setup for LAMP web site.

On Fri, 24 Sep 2010 07:41:45 -0700, Gary Roach wrote:

> On 01/-10/-28163 11:59 AM, debian@kulisz.net wrote:

>> Host-not-in-DNS means that you have no valid DNS name and when
>> destination mail system is doing DNS lookup can not verify you, thus
>> rejecting emails from this source.
>> Provide valid entry in dns for your mail server and then it should
>> work. - --

> I got that a valid DNS name isn't present. What do I do about it. Does
> this mean that I need to submit something to my ISP or use one of my
> existing email accounts for a name or stick in something from the
> returns I get from running host. I know what them problem is. I just
> don't know how to fix it. I use Verizon Fios with  an M1424WR router if
> that is any help.

I think the approach could be one of the following:

- You need "address masquerading" to hide/transform the current invalid 
domain name (which exim gets by default) to a real one.

- You need to configure the web server application to send out e-mails 
from a defined (valid) e-mail address.



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