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Re: Updating files in /etc Remotely (and automated)

On Sun, 12 Sep 2010 14:31:12 -0400, Hal Vaughan wrote:

> . . .  someone sent it to me
> privately a little while ago.  While I like what Rob Owens suggested,
> I'm leaning toward this.  I think it's possible that I could send up the
> minimum information in a file and have the cron job be a Perl script
> that takes that info and builds the rsyncd.conf and rsyncd.secrets files
> from there, which reduces the possibility of a rogue file being copied
> over somehow.  Still, none of the ideas is perfect, but putting together
> the conf files on the site, as opposed to sending them directly, has
> certain merits.

Could you post back your chosen solution please? 

I was looking for solutions for the same situation. 


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