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Re: Re (2): Linux hub

Celejar put forth on 9/6/2010 8:42 PM:

> I'm curious; especially for the cheap switches, why would they need to
> store so many MAC addresses?  What's the use case for a cheap switch
> actually seeing thousands of MACs since 'boot'?

Scenario:  I work for a huge company that has 7,000 employees in a
single campus, with more than that many PCs, Servers, printers, etc,
each having a MAC address.  I'm doing layer 2 switching campus wide, and
only routing at the network edge to/from the internet/wan provider.

I'm in a tech lab, and I need to jack in a small switch for testing
servers.  People all over the campus are going to need to hit the test
servers.  Thus, this little 8 port switch in my lab needs to be able to
store more than 7,000 mac addresses.

Maybe not the best scenario, but it's a valid one.


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