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RE: Locked up Gnome

I had a similar experience with Lenny. It turned out that the USB hubs mouse
and keyboard are connected to were shut down somehow. I didn't even have the
caps or num lock leds working. For some power saving reasons I assume. I
could still login from a remote host and restart the usb drivers by:

# rmmod uhci_hcd
# rmmod ehci_hcd
# modprobe ehci_hcd
# modprobe uhci_hcd

Greetings, Gero.

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> Subject: Locked up Gnome
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>    Went into Gnome on my Squeeze machine this morning for the first
> time in a while (I normally use IceWm or Fluxbox). Had to go out so I
> switched off the monitor with the Gnome desktop up. A couple of hours
> later I came back to a locked-up machine...so locked up that
> Alt-sysreq was ignored. Had to hit the reset button to get the system
> up. Anybody else experience this lately?
> One of the updates that came in this morning was upower and associated
> libraries. Maybe a connection?
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