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Recording A/V from embedded Flash player

I'm looking for a general solution to record audio and video from Flash
players embedded in webpages.  I've searched the web, but not found any
really general solution.  Some Flash video players save a .flv file
under /tmp, and that's great, since I can just copy it somewhere else
(sometimes it's necessary to do this before the video finishes (pausing
it if necessary), since it disappears on completion, but usually it
remains there indefinitely).  Obviously, anything that uses a mms: url
is manageable, since I can then feed that url to mplayer or vlc and
instruct them to capture / dump it.  But what to do when neither of
these is the case, and AFAICT the player is using some proprietary
protocol to communicate with the server?

I'm interested in audio and video, but primarily the former.  Now,
obviously the Flash code isn't providing its own HW drivers, so it must
be talking to the ALSA and video subsystems, so shouldn't there be some
way to instruct ALSA to dump the audio to a file?

Any help, ideas, leads will be much appreciated

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