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Re: From console to GUI

On Vi, 20 aug 10, 14:40:32, Jangita wrote:
> 1. For GUI: I've chosen GNome, any reason why I should choose otherwise?

You didn't say anything about what you expect from your Desktop 
Environment, but I generally recommend KDE to Windows power users and 
Gnome to the others. Xfce and LXDE are excelent for less powerful 

> 2. Email:  I've seen evolution, but I'm leaning towards
> thunderbird... good or bad choice? any other email clients I should
> consider?

If you don't mind writing only plain text mails try Claws Mail (it can 
render html mails with the proper plugins). It's probably the fastest 
GUI mailer.

> 6. I forgot to mention my chat applications (skype, msn, yahoo,
> google talk) - any recommended clients that support features in the
> original versions? (I've only found skype)

Pidgin should be able to do video and voice on GTalk (XMPP actually) and 
kopete on Yahoo. I understand amsn is quite good for MSN.

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