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Re: weird kmail double-messages

On 08/19/2010 04:32 AM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Thu August 19 2010, Camaleón wrote:
well, kmail is pulling them in for my local user ( /var/mail/USER) and
running filters on them. Fetchmail line says keep. Thunderbird on my
laptop is setup as disconnected IMAP. Not sure how to do a kmail filter

Last time I used KMail3 was a year ago so I'm talking from memory here. I
(maybe wrongly) thought there was an option to log filter actions to keep
a track of what was going on, similar to Thunderbird's one :-?

found it! Tools-Filter log viewer
you have to check the box and pick a file location.
I also exported all my filters to a file-
  grep filter kmailrc|wc -l

didn't realize I had so many.. lots of deadwood there for sure..

You should use an MUA-independent filter like maildrop or procmail (in conjunction with fetchmail or the local MTA) which deposits the mails directly in the relevant folders.

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