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git hooks fail to run on bare repo

Hi list, 

they may be beter served on a git list, but I'm starting here anyway.

I've got a bare git repo on my server and I push and pull through
http. This works fine, but now I'm trying to run some hooks for
various reasons. 

I've done chmod +x on hooks/post-update and hooks/post-receive in the
bare repo and put in some simple statements to test it -- echo "it
works", touch post-update-ran and so forth. Nothing seems to be
working at all. It appears that the scripts are not invoked at all. 

I suspect there may be something simple I'm missing, but my googling
has returned no real results except this: 


which suggests that someone else is having the same problem, but
worked out around it instead of actually fixing it. 

Does anyone have experience and insight into this problem?




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