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Re: backup system for servers

On Sat, Aug 07, 2010 at 05:46:57PM +0200, xserver80 wrote:
> Hi All
> I need to schedule the data backup for 3 servers (2 Debian and 1
> Windows) into a dedicated server.
> The problem is that I can't install any software in none of the data
> source servers (2 Debian and 1 Windows).
> The object of my backup are the data exported with samba (2 Debian
> Server) and ftp server (Win Server).
> That system should mounted the shares (samba and ftp) for download and
> check data in other system server.
> In the future my boss will ask me for the copy of data backup
> exsisting in the dedicated server backup in the  LTO type carthage (or
> similar).
> Now I am looking for a software or hardware system to do that.
> If I don't find any dedicated hardware system I will prepare a
> dedicate server with big area storage inside.
> I don't think that a script is a good idea, because I need to keep
> data saved for long tine and I need to check data during or after each
> backup cicle. (check data transfer and dada consistance).
> Can you help me to find a solutions?
> I will evaluate all solutions thet you post me. Whatever, software and
> hardware, commercial or free.
> I must show to my boss the best solution. :-)
I like BackupPC.  It's in the Debian repositories.  It'll do most of
what you're asking (I'm not sure about the "check data transfer" part).
It saves files to a hard disk, but using the "archive" feature can
export to a tape drive or other removable media.

It has a nice web interface and you can give users rights to restore
their own data, if you want to.


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