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read ext3 w/inodes>128 from XP


I have been looking at windows apps to read/write ext3 partitions.  Odd
reasons comes up frequently enough that having a ntfs "scratch" partition
doesn't resolve, when I have to be booted into XP--such as getting the
address to the latest stream I subscribed to.

None seem to work on ext2/ext3 partitions with 256 inodes. 

My favorite, Ext2 IFS, calls >128 inodes a new feature of the latest kernel.

The suggested workaround:

|Currently there is only one workaround: Please backup the files and create
|the Ext3 file system again.  Give the mkfs.ext3 tool the I 128 switch. 
|Finally, restore all files with the backup.


How inadvisable returning to 128 inodes?

Kind Regards,

"Microsoft is not the answer. Microsoft is the question. NO (or Linux) is the
answer." --Somebody

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