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Re: KDE proxy settings

On Tue, 03 Aug 2010 20:47:00 +0430, Nima Azarbayjany wrote:

> I have a recent Squeeze install on my laptop with only Gnome desktop and
> a few KDE software such as Amarok.  I have installed the systemsettings
> package but it does not provide any options to set network proxy
> settings.  What additional packages should be installed to provide that
> module for the control center of KDE?  I tried kdenetwork (if I remember
> the package name correctly) which seemed to be the most relevant thing
> to me but it did not help.

Not sure if this will work but... have you tried to launch Amarok by 
passing before the proxy settings? :-?

Something like: 

http_proxy="your_proxy_settings_here" amarok

Also, take a look into this article:

Configure Proxy for Amarok on GNOME 



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